Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Oh Spring! How pretty you are!

I visited Oh Joy's wonderful blog last night and found an old entry with this lovely picture. It's from a July 2006 Martha Stewart Weddings. I love those tea tins--you can find them all in Chinatown at 32 Mott Street I believe, in the oldest shop in Chinatown. Now they have all kinds of porcelain teapots, cups, vases and sculptures as well as other assorted goodies--backscratchers, abacuses (abacii?) dragon kites! was thinking an arrangement along these lines would look nice on my table at the show on Saturday or I could make an arrangement for my mom for Mother's Day!
I also found this site, (thanks Joy!) Petite Paris with all kinds of goodies. I want it all. And they carry the very cute Hut Up cup and egg cosies.