Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Remember the quiz for a rainy day from a few weeks ago? Joie Tyrrell, my oldest friend in the world took it and it's right on! Since I was there for most of her childhood--we've known each other since we were 5--it was even more fun for me to read. Especially the jumpsuit part--we used to call her Joie Jumpsuit. Anyway now Joie Jumpsuit has two cool little girls, a rocking husband and is a staff reporter for Newsday!

Here's the quiz:
1. What were you like as a kid?
Talky, very very talky and wore jumpsuits my grandmother made. She always put a charm on the zipper. The one with the little trolley on the zipper was my favorite.
2. What did you love to do?
Talk. Run. Jump. Not sit still.
3. How does who you were then come into your work now?
Well, I ask questions for a living, so I guess still talking.

4. How do you keep the spirit of that enthusiasm working for you now? Family is the inspiration.
5. What were your top kooky projects you tried as a wee one? Gosh, well, sand castles on the beach in Cape May Point, but we had a red rubber ball and we would make these castles with little ramps and roadways and run that little red ball up and down all over the castle, through tunnels, etc.
6. Did you love craft and art books as a kid as much as I did? Which ones?

Probably not as much as you, because I remember your crafts and now, reading your blog, I remember your dad's terrariums!

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