Sunday, May 6, 2007

New Wonderful Blogs

Today ws supposed to be cleaning day but Jim had to work and I have bad allergies it turns out. I also wanted to prep my bedroom walls to start painting. So instead I'm surfing around since Jim left at 6:30am! Just found some pretty pretty photos of jewelry draped on teacups and pots on Jane D'Avril's Blog (via another absolutely lovely site, Absolutely Beautiful Things (more on this one below) via yet ANOTHER incredible home decor site Desire To Inspire) and consequently, I am inspired. My table at the market in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn got many compliments which made me happy. Someone said it was perfectly curated, like a French curio market. I'll take some pictures next week--it went so well I'm going to be there next Saturday as well!So, I loved Absolutely Beautiful Things tribute to Pink and Yellow. But I especially loved this near cobalt (or is it deep turquoise?) room in her smaller tribute to blue. I was finally going to go for a really neutral tone in the bedroom like a kind of fawn or mushroom-- a leap from the aubergine walls that exist now (inspired by Parco Sushi in Milan--don't ask) but now I'm not so sure it's in me.

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