Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thanks Scrap

via Scrappy Girl( and her love of the install) via notcot

My old Iowa City pal Cathy Halley who writes the Scrappy Girl blog for Domino mag, wrote a little piece about my house tableaus. I love watching her decorate via blogland. And I really like our shared obsession with tree murals and DIY art installations for the house. Scrappy Babe, I defy you to let me come over and do something weird to your wall.
(Or if you ever veer away from nature and small objects, head to the Hubble can download the cosmos and turn it into gigantor wall panels--they even tell you how to do it, those cheeky Hubble monkeys.)


scrappy girl said...

I think I should try this root thing. i mean, how could I screw it up, right?

deb said...

well..why not? I like the pic of all the framed prints on the ceiling. It reminds me of my old doctor's office, but that was mostly pictures of Johnny Depp and Jude Law.