Sunday, May 6, 2007

La Femme

Something Bleu, Bonbon Oiseau

La Lune et Les'Etoiles, Bonbon Oiseau

(left) Fondinette Noire (above) Petite Flyaway, Bonbon Oiseau

My big ambitions of prepping for painting my bedroom were thwarted by a bad bout of allergies. Hello Spring. So I've been inside on this gorgeous spring day intermittently napping, I watched Marie Antoinette on-demand, (twice in a row-mesmerized by the costumes and sets) and surfing around. Am loving all the macaron colors from the film, for a line or for paint colors? Am very inspired, particurly because I've been creating bridal head pieces all week for a shoot for the launch issue of Seattle Metropolitan Bride. Le Madeleine, Bonbon Oiseau

I usually name my bridal headpieces after French sweets. They have such deliciously pretty names.

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