Thursday, May 10, 2007

Go Green

Does it feel like suddenly "going green" in fashion is the popular kid at the lunch table? Finally. Thank you Al Gore.
Consciously choosing what you eat and how you build (see below) has become easier since it has become more widely available to consumers. Now choosing what you wear is becoming (a little) easier as well. It does mean giving up Forever 21 and H & M and sweat shop produced labels using pesticide laden cotton.
Of great interest to Bonbon was the May issue of Vogue which has a big section devoted to sustainable style and what falls under that umbrella, with particular mention of the new So Ethic section of the Prêt á Porter trade show.
I visited the The Ethical Fashion Show in Paris which apparently had over 4000 visitors at the last event in October, it's biggest turnout since it's inception 3 years before and was really impressed at it's breadth and commitment to it's objectives.
Happily, Bonbon Oiseau is now selling at the new Evolve Boutique in Atlanta whose objectives are similar.
Since what I do is recycling, old into new, Bonbon is green. And since I started incorporating metal smithing into my designs, the new Fall 2007 line uses only recycled silver from all of my snippings (we scour the floor for our silver vat). I'll also be recycling gold for Spring 2008.I also love Inhabitat, an eco-design blog. I always learn something from a visit and the very intelligent founder, Jill Fehrenbacher, was interviewed in the May Vogue as well. I put this all together when I read that Home Depot now has "green" labels for it's green products called the "eco label" which is super trés bon. Click here for their environmental home tips.

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