Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Beautiful Valentine

This is my favorite perfume. En Passant by Olivia Giacobetti for Fréderic Malle (nephew, I believe, of Louis Malle). I visited the tiny shop on Rue de Grenelle in Paris to see the source--I had found it at barney's origianlly and was blown away--It was a pretty classy joint with modern Saarinen chairs, walnut walls and glass cases filled with limited edition perfumes. They had big glass tubes, vapeurizers or odorama chambers you could stick your face in and feel the full effect of the smelly stuff. A Wonka-esque experience at best.
But the scent is white lilac, and, like most good smells reminiscent of something you love, for me it's that fleeting week in Spring. The lilacs just bloom and you pass them by, walking back and forth over and over again to suck in the sweetness, until the neighbors see you trying to pick one with and you just act cool. My mother loved lilac and lily of the valley and so did my Oma, my grandmother, so that probably has something to do with my love affair with this (Not cheap) stuff. (according to the package there's also watery notes of orange tree leaves, cucumber and wheat. The sense of smell truly is the strongest sense, so much so it made me shell out $100 to be absolutely lovely.
It's a perfect scent as are many of Fréderic Malle's editions created by master perfumiers.
Take the fun little questionnaire on the website to find out which of his perfume editions suits you the most. Go to Barney's! Ask for some samples! (This Lipstick Rose is very pretty too!)

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