Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Valentine's Day Diary

Original plan (see below) where we tried to order lobsters from Maine Lobster Direct (see post below) on the 13th for delivery on VD was foiled! The company informed us they were buried under snow and couldn't process any orders since they couldn't send any orders out! Oh Maine, how you vex me!
Plan B: Go to Whole Foods and pick up some crustaceans and D.I.Y it.
Then came morning and the snow! It kept coming and blowing and sleeting and it was brutally coooold. We had no choice. I had to get my printing done for the first show this weekend, Train: Platform 2 and Jim was lovely enough to come with me.
We rode the 7 train via Long Island City for a quick errand in midtown and headed down from there. It was 1:30 pm and we were hungry. I suddenly had a hankering for moules frites, or garlicky, white-winey and perfect french fries. We got off the 3 train at 12th St. and 7th and slipped down Greenwich Ave and inside Cafe de Bruxelles, which is notorious for their frites (they were written up in Saveur magazine for them). I like it's old school French-Belgian via the West Village vibe. Best part? We had the whole place to ourselves because of the cold and bluster. We ordered champagne, ate mussels and a boudin blanc (a delicious French white sausage) and sat for a few hours while the wind kicked up outside and the waitstaff prepped the room for whatever evening on-slaught was to come. We had some Belgian chocolate cake and had a grand old relaxing and snowy afternoon. (Excellent cake!)
Headed back through Williamsburg, picked up some lovely roses and went home. We blew up the aero bed in the living room and watched Breakfast at Tiffany's which was on TV. I hated the part where she puts Cat out of the car in the rain. We broke out our backup p√Ęte and some more champagne around 10 pm, fat and sassy and having had a wonderful day.
Time for Chinese New Year.

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lazysundae said...

that part of the movie always makes me cry. my valentine's day was spent dragging myself to the doctor, then the drugstore for antibiotics.