Monday, February 5, 2007

But back to Reality

Walking from Chinatown to Soho after dim sum at Harmony Palace (94 Mott Street) with the Queen of All things Delicous, Sandy Pei (owner of Snacky in Williamsburg), we saw a little Target sign and found the Proenza Schouler for Target 3-day intro sale at Opening Cermony on Howard Street! it was cooooollld out, so it wasn't so crowded when we got there.
There are some really cute things in girly cuts-loved all the visible seams on the cigarette pants and the delicate cheapo cotton shirts in patterned blueberry blues, grapey purples, cirtus yelloows, cherry, persimmon--I believe I was really feeling the fruit colors pretty vividly.
We picked up some pieces fast but sadly mostly larges left in everything. That blue dress there? So pretty but
1. Only XL's left
2. I'm not a fan of polyester ''silk''. Like those pajama pants my mother used to buy me.
3. Still very pretty and I wish they'd had my size as did about a thousand other chicks, I'm sure.

We got some tops but I'll have to return the dress I couldn't resist (in a raspberry amoeba-like print with those visible bust seams I love but in my heart I know really don't look good on me).
The good news is I can bring it back to any Target which is always a fun outing.
You have until the end of today to check it out, so bust out of work early!

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