Thursday, February 15, 2007

Food Stumbling and about a Gajillion food Blogs

Somehow I'm finding myself stumbling through food blogs tonight-a great release of pressure. I didn't mean for it to happen, but you know how it starts. You click on one great link, then gingerly click through and then through again and on to another and then find THE ONE and another one, then click through all of their faves and so on and so on and here I am. Every so often I turn to Jim who is contentedly surveying his E-Bay empire, to say, "Hey! look at this blog."
Top new favorites:Chez Pim: I relate to her palate, her smart way with words her beautiful pictures...her cheap eats guide to Paris restaurants. I've been clicking through her picks for about an hour now and am still hungry. I'm a sucker for pictures from markets. Can I get a woohoo for this lettuce?
101 Cookbooks: A journal by a photographer cook of the most beautiful recipes and accompanying pictures (or the most beautiful pictures with accompanying recipes) I've seen. This is really an incredible collection of vegetarian recipes that I can honestly say I can't wait to try. Look at these: the animal crackers and the thousand layer lasagne. This might be the most sensuous lasagne recipe that ever was.

And: Tastespotting sent to me by Kaelea. You click on a delicious looking photo and Viola! You're in a new food site. Hours of food filled fun.

Favorite click throughs?: The Scent of Green Papayas: A great listing of food blogs by Asian women.
Also this just in from Tastespotting: a link to news that China has issued a stamp that smells like sweet and sour pork for the New Year of the Pig. YES China! YESSSSSSSS!
And then found this recipe for green tea cookies from the Smitten Kitchen which reminded me of Masae and Harriet, who's delicious green tea cookies prompted them to open a cafe called Leaf Cafe in Iowa City, Iowa. It's been open for a month and I hear Iowans are breaking down the door.
Which just reminded me of this super dense and impeccably organized food blog, Obachan's Kitchen, that Sandy recommended to me. It's really given me a lot more insight into Japanese cooking and eating and food preparation. I love it.Also loving Becks and Posh, (writing in this link here about Zuni Cafe in San Francisco, see below!) Love the world they've created, the recipes and the picks and makes me miss the Bay Area a lot. We may have to visit with Sandy and Craig in May if I keep on reading this blog.Finally I'm going to get myself the Zuni Cafe Cookbook. Pim and many click-throughs has reminded and convinced me at once of this. I've been making their Roasted Chicken with the Bread Salad recipe (the one you have to wait half and hour for at Zuni for and worth every minute) since I bought a Saveur Magazine with an article about Judy Rodgers. (Guess you can get it on-line as well, like I've done for you here-you won't regret this--I've been soaking currants and shallots in vinegar for my dressings ever since).
All thanks to An Obsession with Food. (Thanks!)

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