Monday, February 5, 2007

Fleurs for your Valentine

Now's the time to think about flowers. I'd think about ordering them to ship, especially if you want to make a lasting impression (of some sort), like sending flowers to her office or to her mom, Do this as well if you can't buy them from the subway guy or the shopping cart ladies on your way home from your job. Just order them from your desk now and they'll arrive when you want--you've planned ahead this way which also will gets you points I'll bet.

I found two I'd recommend, from the top: I've never ordered from them and they are a bit more expensive, but I like that they are one of the few I found that farm organically and are Veriflora certified. Check out their practices and learn more about their company: Learn more here. How much more loving can you get? I'd be impressed.
And below:

I like ordering flowers from Martha Stewart, not only because she employs a number of my friends in her various departments (Hi Ada!) and I did a trunk show for her marketing department over the holidays and thought everyone was very nice and talented, but because her flowers are super high quality and won't die after 24 hours of looking pretty. They also come in great saveable vases, the price is comparable with some of those other flower sending companies AND the offer of 15% off your second purchase is pretty good. You can send some to Mom as well as your girl (or guy) or both your girlfriends (or boyfriends).

These two are my favorites. Love the soft feminine colors of the roses and this unusual variety of Gerbera Daisies are fantastically fun, as orange and pink are apt to be.
I actually cut out one of her flower ads and left it on the table for my husband. When he didn't notice it I said, " Hey, I ripped that out for you in case you want to send some flowers to your mom or something". His reply was, "Thanks Nerd".

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