Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Love Birds

My friend Sarah, who designs Plunket and Pivet handbags, gave me an Ann Wood handmade bird for Christmas. We were showing back in December at the Gift on Grand, a holiday market organized by the fine ladies from the beautiful shops, also on Grand Street in Williamsburg, Sodafine and Therapy (where I'm doing a trunk show this Saturday-see below!)
She chose the little cardinal for me and out of the many, many beautiful birds she brought to the show, it turned out it was the one I wished I could buy for myself. (Thanks again Sarah!)
These birds are so gorgeous that I can't stop looking at mine, which sits on my coffee table perched on a little jar but I think these pics speak for themselves. Ann's display at the show blew me away--a beautiful 3-mast ship made from vintage fabric and papier-m√Ęche I think-- which is why I was so happy tonight to come across her blog! There is so much love breathed into each one of these beautiful birds, I can't wait to see what comes next on her website. I think they'd make ridiculously gorgeous Valentines. I'd love to use them for a Bonbon Oiseau display or photoshoot sometime...Ann? are you out there?

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