Thursday, February 1, 2007

A Little Chocolate and some notes on Bars

A giant box of chocolate for just one person is weird and overwhelming to me. I'm a fan of the intimate gift. I say, finish with a little chocolate after a little something special and you're golden. My choices?
1. Baci, the Italian chocolates with a hazelnut in the middle and wrapped in silver foil. When you open them there's a little glassine love note written in four different languages. If someone gave me just one, it'd make my day.

2. Moving up the ladder, my favorite kind has to be of the Jacques Torres variety. He is a chocolatier extraordinaire. I love the champagne truffles, and a small bag of would make a sweet Valentine's gift along with a little something else. But these chocolate bars are not only fantastic in kind of funny in a Willy Wonka, "you're swell" kind of way.
3. Speaking of bars--I love a good bar probably more than little pieces. I love the old fashioned packaging on the Bonnat and the chocolate itself is intense. You can get them in NYC at Dean & Deluca. (and look at the goodies they've got (see hearts above)! Beautiful, edible, sweet and fancy. Will let recipient know you want to spoil them.
4. Mademoiselle de Margeaux is fine fine French chocolate and will make you look savvy. I tasted the milk chocloate twigs with the caramel which were insanely good but I bet the dark chocolate with orange would be awesome too. And it's such a pretty and friendly looking box.
5. Chocolove delivers a delicious bar and would make a sexy gifty, say to top off a little pair of La Perla panties--again, I'm a fan of the appetizer gift and the entree gift. They do a great job with glamorous flavors and its nice to pick something that matches the recipient's personality.
These make great gifts for friends I think.

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