Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Around the World in September

Bonbon Oiseau's new Fall Collections are being carried in two new international locations this September. In Japan, look for us at Usagi Pour Toi, part of the beautiful selection of retail shops of the H.P. France Group. Usagi Pour Toi is in three locations in Tokyo (Harajuku), In Osaka (Kakuda-Cho) and in Fukuoka (Chuou-ku) in Japan.

And making her French debut, find us at Spree in Paris. There are two locations, both in very cool shopping neighborhoods, one in Montmartre and one in Saint Germaine. I love their collections (obviously) and the concept of the shops. See what Superfuture had to say. Any association with Amelie is fine with me!


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Bravo for the fall collection!!!!