Saturday, September 22, 2007


Just finished my look book (with help!) for the Spring Collection-above. It will be tabloid size, 11 x 17, and then folded in half and accordian style. When you open it up, it will have have this one large image (top).

Today is the day I work on my line sheets. Fashion Incubator has a good description of what these are but I am a bit graphically challenged and this is one of the last of my projects, besides packing and filling last minute orders etc. before I leave. Because my graphic design skills are minimal and I get blocks when I use design programs, such as how does "history" work and "where did that go now?", I end up asking everyone and their uncle for Photoshop and InDesign tips. I'm hoping this goes off without a hitch.

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Johanna Resnikoff said...

Bonbon is the most delicious designer! I love Bonbons! So yummy, so french...