Friday, September 14, 2007

I Really Want this sweater

And I like J. Crew's whole Paris thing this season. The website even has cute French music piping in. Not sure how Parisian the collection really is, but the looks are all easy and clean and pretty.

The clincher: Nothing I want is in stock until November or December. I guess if you're going to bombard every house with three catalogs (filled with such pretty pictures!) within one week, you better prepare by getting those goods made. By the time it's in stock, Forever 21 will have them in every color.


lazysundae said...

i was just showing my friend that sweater this morning! i really love their fall stuff this year.

Anonymous said...

From Fawn:

I was just perusing the j crew collection at work and i love the dress on the top of the dress category. LOVE it and the shoes too... all of them, Love, fawn L.

Deb said...

I picture armies of us wearing that sweater. If it ever comes out that is!