Saturday, September 22, 2007

Where I've been

Little absence for which I apologize. Last week, in the midst of getting ready for Paris (leaving October 1st!) I took a job for the VH1 Save the Music event at Lincoln Center Thursday night. My mission was to work with an event design team from San Francisco to "bling" out 12 birdcages for the new LG phones, the sponsor of the event, to perch.The operative word in the hire and for that 48 hours was "bling". They came in with the birdcages, already spray painted a sort of matte silver . If I had them from the git-go I'da gone for the super shiny aluminum spray paint but, I wasn't. It would have made them "blingier". Now I just needed to find enough shiny objects to outfit three tiers of four sides of ten cages=120 sides of "bling". Found plastic rhinestones and decided to use glass glitter for the perches. 12 hour days of gluing. They reminded me of Rajastani architecture and mirror work. It inspired me to do some new new work. In an effort to finish all of our materials, we sprinkled the remaining rhinestones and glitter in the large nests inside the cages--I haven't seen the finished product except for these shots, taken in the basement of the Hudson Hotel where we worked.


sparkle party said...

Bonbon Oiseau was styling birdcages? How apropos! Keep up the beautiful work!

Mista said...

Hey, I'm going to Paris too! Oct 11-17. Can't wait to see how you bling the birdcages!