Tuesday, September 25, 2007

One of my Brides

I love brides. I especially love brides who want to wear a Bonbon in their hair. This is Megan who just got married last weekend. She contacted me this summer and wanted an elegant hairpiece to go with that gorgeous dress. Doesn't she look amazing in it?

We put together a little spray of antique ivory linen "strawflowers and white dangling lily of the valley with light amethyst stamens from the 1930's and a tiny spotted peahen feather for contrast.
Usually, brides who come to me don't want to wear a veil until they see the little Bonbon Flyaway. It's pretty much the only veil I do--short or a bit longer, embedded with antique sequins or plain. So she opted for the detachable veil, which she tucked right behind the flower.

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