Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Spring 2008 Favorites (to pair with Great Jewelry)

Thakoon Spring 2008
This is a big beautiful collection. I watched this one on TV last night and heard that he designed this with the idea of one woman transforming from a 9-5'er to a Surfer chick in Hawaii. Kudos to the concept. I especially love the jungly green,black,gray,white pattern above and the graceful lines he conjures in his clothing.

Probably my favorite collection. Her details and originality always floor me. Loving the pale watercolors, like a soft sky throughout the beautiful early spring days with more sweetly feminine garden party cuts. I especially love the color choices bringing bright flashes from the shoes. Right up my alley.

Nanette Lepore Spring 2008
I love that Nanette Lepore makes clothes I can wear. It's like Great Gatsby goes to work. Love the yellows and reds mixed with beige and grays.

Love the soft colors and playful combinations and shapes.

Derek Lam Spring 2008
Love the rich colors and sophisticated feminine cuts. A little Provencal here and a little Paris there.

Doo.Ri Spring 2008
Love the clean ladylike elegance and details and the soft taupes, ivories and blacks.

A few nods to 20's elegance with beautiful modern flowing patterns and cuts. I love the continuation of blacks, whites and grays for Spring--perfect for a little flash of color from some elegant jewelry.

My first chance to take my first looks at some of the bigger shows. I love the beautiful playful colors and the subdued blacks, whites, and grays for Spring. Perfect to pair with some great jewelry.

Perusing the collections, am feeling like I hit the right note with the 80 Days Collection and it's calming me down for Paris. I usually design with blinders on, if that's possible at all, with my antiques picked and some noble metals in front of me. When the collection is done I send a shout to my friend Kaelea, who is a designer and trend coordinator. It usually goes something like, "Hey! These are my colors and theme---what do you think?" And she'll say, "Right On! Do you have any (insert color here) to throw in?"


uptowngirl said...

Tres cool -- I never go out without my Bonbons. Keep up the blog!

{RNVL} said...

Great choices, especially Nanette. Posted one of your key fobs on my site today :)

Anonymous said...

From Fawn,

Love fashion week too... keep rocking

Anonymous said...

I love the choices. I really want one of those outfits paired with some of your earrings and necklaces. I <3 Bonbons!

The Royal Me said...

Giggle! I love your picks!!! Kiss kiss hug hug!

chloe said...

I can see your vie en rose necklace on any of the Derek Lam pieces. Fabulous, Bonbon!