Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bonbons First Yelp Review

Kaelea from the Royal Me Blog, artist and "Elite '08 Yelp Reviewer Extraordinaire" gave us a glowing review over in Yelpland! Thanks so much for all those nice words Kaelea..she pens:

Bonbon - (bawn-bawn) - candy or good, Oiseau - (wa-ZO) - bird

I have had the pleasure of witnessing Bonbon Oiseau's unique jewelry, "bonbons" come into their own over the years. A mixture of antique charms and rare finds accompanying dainty silver chains, beautiful vintage silk flower brooches, brass ornate key fobs and even customized wedding pieces for hair or gifts. This awesome line of jewelry are all limited pieces as most of the material used is deadstock or captured from estate sales and street markets from all over the world. Bonbons are known for their feminine whimsy, but there is also a sophisticated-Bauhaus-modern feel that is also present due to all the colorful Japanese glass and beads. There's more to this little candy of a bird than meets the eye and I am always excited to see what is new!

PS While Bonbon Oiseau isn't an actual shop, Deborah Stein (the designer) will answer any questions over the phone, email and since she does design a lot of customized jewels and hair decor she also does by appointment only. The bonbons are also available online and several shops in the city and nationwide, Japan and Europe, so check out the website too!

PSS I need some new jewels, who's buyin'?


The Royal Me said...

Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! My mother would be sooooo proud! Thx babe!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

I was going to post the photo of you on the elevator floor surrounded by white castle boxes but I was thinking of your mama when I chose this tame one.