Monday, May 5, 2008

Brooklyn Flea in the Rain and Sun

Some serious browsers

display in the afternoon sun

display in the morning clouds

Were busy non-stop all afternoon.
Finally we got to sit down and take a little break around 5,
just in time to pack up and call it a day.

Despite loading the wrong paper into my credit card machine, not bringing enough receipts, forgetting a stapler, my bead bags, sunscreen, and appropriate clothing for 78 degree weather, yesterday was another smashing success at the Brooklyn Flea.

And it was the first sunny Sunday since it's inception. We had never seen what the high school lot filled with all those colorful vendors looked like in the sun. We were quite impressed with the results.

Thanks to all who came to see us, especially the two lovely gents who said they found us through reading this blog and our new favorite customer Sarah who brought us back the most delicious slice of gluten-free apple pie I've ever tasted just when I was hankering for something sweet.

Also, thanks to the sun for coming out finally and to Ana for helping me out with a 9 hour day. You're an incredible asset to Bonbon and a very sweet friend.


ana dane said...

wow, thanks. i've never been complimented on my asset in such a sweet way before.

you're an absolute delight to work with, and i wouldn't have rather spent my sunday anywhere else.

deb said...

me? no way...I forget things.

ana dane said...

yeah like what happened to all those BEAD BAGS? i was fending off customers who were just drooling to release their creativity in jewelry from, and were left with a fat lot of nothing.