Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dynamite Jewelry

We just got a beautiful write-up from Dynamite Jewelry which was extremely flattering given the high caliber of jewelry reviews she does. She chose my New York Necklace (which I am wearing for today's post-time of 6:04pm.)

If you love cool jewelry, Dynamite seems to have it's finger on the pulse of what's interesting right now in our world of non-precious precious goods.

(I'm flattered she called me " a raconteur at heart" but really, I can only unfurl a decent tale visually through my work. Not too good at the verbal telling as it were. For real.)

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ana dane said...

i don't know about that- the story of you hiking in the himalayas in clogs and almost getting beamed by the nomad village idiot was a pretty good one. and i didn't get it from your "montaigne au hindi" necklace, but rather straight from the horse's mouth.