Thursday, May 15, 2008


Anthropologie! How beautiful your displays are.

Above pics lifted off a blog whose name I can't find in my list.
Working on it!

With all my heart and soul I want so badly to create a window display for Word, the best local bookstore I've ever lived around the corner from (and I can safely say I've lived around the corner from quite a few).

The sign in their window looking for artists has been up for months but it was only last week I got the courage up to ask. The lovely Christine, owner and fellow Long Islander, told me the only slot she has open is the second half of this month and I just can't see how I can make it happen, it being the second half of this month today. And not with the plans I've got for that window.

But can I do it in November or December, my busy season? I suppose if I plan now. In the meantime, I've found some other windows from different kinds of shops, above, for inspiration.
Anyway, check out Word's blog to see what's happening there and to see their window displays.

I just like this shoe tree.


ana dane said...

i think i need that yellow dress. thanks.

les reveurs yeux said...

i love these photos. what a great blog, thanks for stopping by mine.
i hope you'll find the time to do a window for Word, and post pictures.

and it looks like i'll need to try to stop by the brooklyn flea market one day.