Monday, May 5, 2008

Do Son & Aedes

new favorite scent for Spring

Diptyque shop in Paris

The goods of Aedes de Venustas

Rewind to Paris: February 26th, 2008, I had one day free before the show to do a little wandering down the Bld. St. Germaine. I have a thing for old school perfume shops and my favorite, Diptyque is just 5 minutes from Coco's apartment but I usually never get to go since I work during the day.

This time I got to spend some good time there and ended up picking out some of the room sprays--Muguet (for Mom's birthday and one of her favorite scents), Mimosa (for Vanessa for all her help getting me ready for the show) and Baies (for myself for working my ass off for 8 months straight).

On my way out, they tossed some Eau de Toilette samples into my bag, my absolute favorite of which was Do Son. It's actually my new obsession and now that the sample is gone I just found it on the Aedes de Venustas site. If a website ever exuded a deep sensuous glamour and dark intrigue, it's the Aedes de Venustas site. And for $15, they're generous enough to send you 7 one ounce samples of your choice to try before you commit to just a juicy description. Dreams of trying obscure scents from over yonder really can come true.

Their beautiful description of Do Son, named after a city in Vietnam, outdoes anything I might try to write. I just know I'm ready for a full bottle:

"Do Son, Diptyque's latest Eau de Toilette, was inspired by one of it's founders, Yves Couselant's childhood memories back when growing up in Vietnam. Reminiscent of sweet-smelling summers, green grasses and precious rice fields along the Red River Delta, the luxurious gardens that feeds HanoĆ®, set against the mountains all around... Do Son is an airy tuberose, flowery and slightly sweet, soft and fresh with a touch of orange tree leaves and roses . The fragrance lingers on notes of benzoin and iris, to finally melt into the tender milky softness of white musk."


lazysundae said...

this is absolutely horrible. i got a sample pack of 7 carefully chosen scents, probably only to fall in love with all of them. i love perfume!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

I'm about to order them RIGHT NOW!!!

Susan said...

Ohhhhh. The adoration of the esoteric fragrance. Though not as obscure as in earlier days, I still keep a bottle of Goutal's "Folavril" on my dressing table.