Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Grecian Wedding

A bride in Greece is getting a really big surprise. Her sister wrote to me last month and sent the two pictures above of the (hot little) dress (yowza!) and wanted a head piece to give her as a bridal gift for her wedding day. She said the wedding was taking place on a beautiful island in Greece where their father was from (which I imagined to look something like this(s): We discussed the possibilities of what we could do to complement such an ornate dress and such a beautiful setting.
We knew we wanted the base of the little tulle flower with hand-sewn antique silver sequins, antique ostrich feathers and vintage Italian linen flowers, but she wanted just a little bit more.

So I went out and found some sweet antique baubles to set in the piece, sent her the pics and she ended up choosing this one (also seen in full above the two dress pics above): She liked the little antique crystal beaded leaf which looks like a fig leaf, and thought it has just the right amount of sparkle to complement the dress but not take over. I can't wait to see the wedding pictures. These were the runners-ups:
I love this one--like cotton candy.

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Anonymous said...

let's go to greece and eat cotton candy while sitting on the oracle at delphi.