Monday, June 23, 2008

Lemonade and Dandelion Wine: Saturday continues

Saturday was a good dream...home after the market for a long nap--when do I ever get to nap? Did I just write the word nap? God that felt good. Woke up again for a long walk in the hood and a Franklin Street shop crawl, the changing-ever-changing street in Greenpoint we've watched transform over the past year.

I love that the newest additions to the Franklin Street Revival strive to maintain the Old Brooklyn Feel of this that is the "Historic District" of Greenpoint, a new generation of conscientious entrepeneurs showing appreciation for the past while moving steadfast into the future.

Especially loved the new shop Kill Devil Hill (I want that stuffed badger) (Jim just told me it was actually a muskrat) and spent a long (air-conditioned) time in Dandelion Wine--our newest greatest neighborhood wine shop.Picked out some lovely summery French and Spanish ros├ęs, a chillable organic French red, and some Portugese Vino Verdhes, young whites with a slight green fizziness that we, at the risk of sounding pretentious, drank obsessively in Portugal last year.We were prompted immediately to get the cell phones out and to invite a few of our old friends over on Sunday to sit outside and grill and drink with us. (Post to come.)

Last stop on the Franklin Street train (and the way home) we were happy to stop by and contribute to the "Bake Sale for Obama" at Jan & Aya, the prettiest new shop on Franklin street...You can see Aya herself and Sophie, below, serving some perfect "Lemonade for Obama" and for us on a hot Saturday in Brooklyn.
T o make matters cuter, we finished off the day with a rousing game of boggle on our back porch, a commando trip into Chinatown for a foray to the fish market and home again in time to sit out back and see the first fireflies of the season pop their little tails on and off and on (and off) again. It was the kind of day I wanted to write about I guess.

(see Elaine's blog for the Franklin Street round-up!)


ana dane said...

ah, Portuguese wines- especially that Famega. it gives me saudade just thinking about that delicate, bubbly deliciousness.

so perfect for a summer evening.

{this is glamorous} said...

Sounds like a really lovely day :)

cindy* said...

lemonade for obama. this probably made my week. your jewelry is beautiful. i love it and have noted particular items on my "i want..." list.

and thank you for the lovely comment, i squeeked a squeek of joy when i read it.

Ann said...

We're in south Williamsburg, where change comes a little more slowly (though come it does)... but we walk to the Greenmarket every Saturday and make a note of the neighborhood changes along the way.

Elaine said...

Hey neat Deb, thanks for the shout-out. I was just writing a post about the Brooklyn Flea with a shout-out to you! Check it later today.

carolyn said...

thanks Deb for including the sweet comment about jan & aya and our bake sale last saturday. It was so lovely to see you!