Thursday, June 19, 2008

on the table

Maxine gets a little too satisfied when there are flowers on the table.

Below, our first potato salad of the season, with our farmer's market finds and all the young herbs growing in our tiny patch: small heads of bibb lettuce, steamed fingerlings, raw sweet peas and a delicious creamy goat's cheese tossed with a good handful fresh mint and parsley a light dressing* of olive oil, a touch of light agave syrup and mirin. *modeled after a dressing I had on a delicious salad at Paloma, with purslane, watermelon and mint and that same goat cheese.


Elaine said...

That looks super delicious. I want to try to make that!

ds said...

It was really nice--this dressing is good to complement something a little sweet in the salad, in this case, the peas!