Friday, June 27, 2008

A Really Custom Week

Had some fun custom orders this week. Even nicer that they were for some old friends, people I can create for specifically and contemplate their pieces with a more thoughtful direction--it's almost like getting a gift myself when I do custom work.

The necklaces above are for my good friend Ada Limon, poet extraordinaire, who is leaving her position at GQ to become Creative Director at Travel + Leisure! I had given her a little custom necklace with a little "A" foil-backed cabochon (I could only find A's, J's, and K's but am on the lookout for more letters!) so she asked if I could do some more like it for her two best friends at work as a parting gift.

Kristin, who's an interior designer and is no stranger to color, wanted something striking to go with her rich plum Vera Wang dress for a wedding in Chicago. It has a little wishbone charm and some amethyst colored pearls and turquoise glass Czech beads sewn into the lime green tulle, but I wanted to sew some antique silver sequins sewn into the tulle for sparkle, so it would catch the color of her dress--this way it would complement it without being matchy-matchy which she didn't want. I love that she went for something so vibrant--I think she wears it really really well!


Tartelette said...

That hair piece is perfect with the shade of purple of the dress. Looks so much fun to wear!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

I know--she's a really cool chick--can't wait to see the pictures from the wedding...