Thursday, March 18, 2010

And a little more Bonbon News

Will be showing a little bit of everything next weekend alongside Tashkent shoes in Cheyenne's very beautiful new showroom on East 1st St. Very excited...

Spring by Bonbon

the inspiration boards

some hints

The inspiration sheets for the 2010 Spring and Summer Collection up above. See P's pretty cupcakes up there taken in her parents amazing apartment?!
The new collection is based on layering and building, tribal ornamentation and traditional hand techniques. Mostly Vanessa and I came at the collection with ideas about how to create elemental pieces that become part of who you are and whoever you become. I figure if I start with that ambition, the message might come out in the pieces. Coming to you live and in celebration of welcoming Spring officially, Saturday. (Notice how I have now made myself accountable? A woman's mag told me how to do that).
(If you find one of your photos and I haven't given you credit please let me know. I sometimes grab images so quickly I forget where I found them...apologies.)

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Nuff said.
Happy Weekend lovelies.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Part Oaxaca Dos: Oh the Markets You'll See

Sorry pretty amazing French markets, swirling Moroccan and Turkish bazaars, Indian free-for alls, I think Oaxaca wins for best mercados, even the indoor ones. Especially the indoor ones with the seeping natural light seeping and the beautiful people who come to work everyday. The colors just blew me away, and like the obsessive I keep turning out to be, all I can think about is going back and maybe I should have gotten more clay cups and maybe I should start drinking chocolate everyday, get a juicer, relax a little more while I work even harder.

And from a display standpoint, bravo to all the merchants who enticed me with their awesome displays (you know who you are jugo lady).

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mexico, part uno

This was the first time in four years I didn't do the show in Paris. All that it takes to get there just wasn't in my spirit this season, but a little break from it all was it turned out. Enter, Oaxaca, Mexico. A lot of inspiration, the nicest people in the world and while it snowed in feets in NYC, we got an extra day in the sun granted to us by the Eastern Seaboard Weather Authority (a.k.a. the ESWA).

Am thinking it helped to go inside this gigantic beautiful church just about everyday. I'm not religious but someone was on our side here. I want more Mexico. That's all I have to say.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Three Love Letters

Photos from Anthropologie

Letter One: Dear Rachel,
I have crossed a line. I took in the mail and your Anthropologie catalog was sitting on the radiator. I looked both ways and when I was sure no one was coming, I took it into my apartment and ate my lunch over it. I'm sorry. It's just so freaking beautiful. And this jewelry photo shoot is killing me. It's just killing me Rachel. It's back on the radiator now, so thanks, post-facto.
Love, Deb

Letter two: Dear Anthropologie,
Beautiful work on your Spring jewelry photoshoot! I just saw it when I stole my neighbor's catalog off the radiator inthe hallway and am pretty much feeling incredibly jealous that I didn't think of this first. I am writing to ask if I can pretend I did think of it first and do the same with my Spring Collection which is way late in coming on-line? Thanks Anthropologie! I knew you'd understand.
Love, Deb

Letter three: Dear Friends and Readers,
I'm back from Oaxaca and my head is on a wee bit straighter, just adjusted a little differently I guess. Mexico was great and I am so happy that pals, Melissa and Rachel and Persephone and Kaelea came over to entertain over here. Thanks ladies. I am back and I hope you will be too. I miss you guys. I will tell you everything soon. Are you ready?
Love, Deb