Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On Making a New Home

Life has been a different story lately. New neighbors, new light, a new beat, a kitchen window. Paying closer attention to things that were missed before, priorities rearranged, lifey-er, peaceful-er, free-er, relax-ier despite growing bills, tension in the city, a softer energy harder to report or take a picture of but not much of a reason to do either.

We are self-contained but not alone, happy because we are grateful and growing easier, difficulties be damned.

We have work to do and sleep to sleep and love to love and ideas to think and that's about it.

Urban Renewal

Quarter to 6 AM. Woke up to a red glow through the bedroom window. Found shoes, this lately underused camera and climbed to the roof.
Damn if there wasn't an early morning rainbow out there, just daring me not to love this city. Are there always rainbows out there so early in the morning?