Wednesday, September 29, 2010

allo? ALLO!

Paris match. Some pics from last year but the song remains the same (or similar)

I am in Paris, watching Desperate Housewives in French (but I get the gyst) with Coco, happy and shining a duck-fat glow after a long dinner of magret (duck is the chicken of France my Americans and the chicken here, if you can find it on menu, is way special but that's another post) and creme brulée--It was a long night of travel, followed by many coffees, and an afternoon organizing the furniture in the gallery on rue Chapon. The space we are presenting in is: amazing. We are on a street with many showrooms, girls popped their têtes in the door excited for our pop-up boutique and Claudia from Hageli and I just smiled:
Let's open a boutique in Paris! Idées are flying mes petites poulets.

Tomorrow we set up the rest. And buy flowers but most importantly wine. Tonight there is more TV to decipher. Bonne Nuit!

Monday, September 20, 2010

In One Week & One Day

I am Paris, France bound. Looking forward to this intimate showroom we're designing via many skype sessions and the boundless energy of our Paris counterpart, Claudia from Hageli and much marketing help from our lovely Hortensia of Le Showroom.

In the meantime, a few pieces from Hut Up Berlin to show you just a part of what there is to get excited about. So now are you coming?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Paris 9-28-10 and projects like ducks

a few pics from the bonbon goes to paris archives

I am going back to Paris kittens, among other projects all in a row, like little ducks but not as fuzzy and more challenging to wrangle these last few weeks, perfect on the heels of our long August holiday.
This time, preparing a "private salon" of three on at 12 rue Chapon in the Marais where all the little galleries and boutiques will be buzzing with Spring 2011 Collections. I am showing with my friends and very talented designers, Claudia from Hageli in Paris and Christine, from Hut Up, Berlin where we will be presenting our own collections for Spring + Summer 2011 and hosting a little pop-up boutique as well.
Please come?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bonbon Trunk Show & Fashion Night Out

We're having a trunk show of our new collections at the incredibly irresistible Kill Devil Hill in Greenpoint on Fashion's Night Out. Cocktails will be poured and all of Franklin Street will be spilling onto the streets this coming Friday, September 10th from 6-10pm. The entire city will be filled with fashion this Friday. Free gifts abound and all the shops on the street have something happening. I even hear John Waters will be in the neighborhood giving a reading so really, please come...