Tuesday, May 26, 2015

One Awesome Thing

I began a new project called One Awesome Thing, a side, an arm, a leg, the heart, of Bonbon Oiseau, which is taking a sabbatical from jewelry-making for a little while, while she nourishes another project. I thought this was a good time to revisit here, where so much happened. I abandoned this place, I'm still not sure why. So much changed since 2007, when I started writing here. Sometimes it feels like nothing changed at all, I just watched other people's lives change while mine remained still. But that's not really true. 

This week, the Deb part of Bonbon along with her stinky little man dog best friend, Pablo fly to New Mexico to a little adobe house on a horse ranch/organic farm where the Chama comes off the Rio Grande. I'm hoping good things will happen there. I am open to everything, along with all my paints, books and ideas.

One Awesome Thing exists on it's own site with it's own blog and we just put it out there because out there seemed better than all up in here. I am working hard to make Things become clearer and as we go, we go. For now, all your awesomeness can be shared on Facebook, Twitter (@wesomethings) and Instagram with the #oneawesomething and #oneawesomethingproject. 

Pablo, the wonder dog, ingesting more awesomeness

(by Jimbo Matison-proponent of One Awesome Thing)