Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bye and a An Early New Year

Goodbye Brooklyn snow, after hours digging our way out of the snow, and wading through the slush...

Hoping the nice airport people will let us go this morning. Leaving now.
An early happy new year everyone. We're heading for the sunshine in Baja now...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas, Blizzards and other New York Dreams

Christmas quietness this year until we got buried but no one's giving up. Especially not Icky. This week we're all Ickys, enjoying what we can. And starting Thursday, we hope the airport folks let us leave for Baja, Mexico where we're going for a short stay, after we dig our car out, after the plows come, after Jim gets over whatever attacked his stomach, after we find our passports, bathing suits, sandals somewhere here under all this down, wool and snow boots. Happy almost new year!

Raffle Announcement, a bit Delayed~

Without further ado, (except a little cold followed by some days in bed and a snowstorm to beat the band), the results of our 2010 raffle in support of the Food Bank for New York City go to...

Thank you to all the artists and designers who contributed and those of you who gave and tried your hand! We raised nearly $400. And because we just sent in the funds before December 31st, the FJC, a Foundation of Donor Advised Funds, is donating $1 for every $2 given to the Food Bank--which makes our total $600! I think this will help to feed a lot of people this winter and I hope we can keep on supporting the good work the food bank does with initiatives like this. Any ideas for the next one? If you have a moment in your off time, take a look at the amazingness of this.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last Two Days for Bonbons

Yesterday was a record day for Bonbon at the Brooklyn Flea's Gifted, for gents buying pretty things for their ladies, raffles flying, and actual real holiday love in the air. I got to meet some great people looking for just the right gift, collaborate on some custom necklaces, and see old customers that come for bonbons every year!

There's something really nice about seeing people shop at the Brooklyn Flea-purchases supporting local businesses, encouraging handmade small production, the special vintage find for just the right person or locally designed but produced in regions where people need the work is the best thing we can do for ourselves and the planet. For serious.

There's only two more days left for Gifted, so come and see for yourself.
And here's a small sampling of some of my favorite vendors at the flea doing great and beautiful things:
Australian Scents
(beautifully rich handmade soaps and bodycare)
Beau Ideal
(gorgeous paper goods and prints--I'm getting mine today)
Brady & Kowalski Writing Machines
(vintage typewriters--I know several little kids who need these--I have one now to use for my signs! I love it!)
Daily Memorandum
(vintage amazingness-jars, lights, antlers, all that stuff)
Hazel Village
(beautiful soft handmade toys that wee ones will actually treasure--I got my little pal Taiyo a red fox--they even make clothes for the animals--get out!)
Osborne Design
(she's our neighbor at the flea and is selling not the shoes but her beautiful prints--I want the wallpaper real bad)
Rain Lily
(silk scarves from Cambodia, embroidered bags from Vietnam, silver jewelry from Thailand, all from collectives Katie actually travels for and works with. The prices are incredibly reasonable and the work is spectacular-I always feel great about giving gifts from her.
(I just met Britta but it was love at first sight--I love what they're doing, what they're achieving and what it looks like. This is what I want for kissmas. And a flock of ducks.
(I hope Jim is reading)

Friday the 24th is the last day for the raffle. Getcha raffle tickets heyuh!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


There is so much going all the time in these days, so much so that when I got home last night, I passed out on the couch, waking up at midnight only to find that I missed the holiday party I was invited to. Bad Deb. Bad, tired Deb with a cat under each arm.

In between answering holiday orders, taking inventory and making more more more, organizing our displays, running from one event and show to the next event and show, meeting cousins from out of town, and arranging for the exhibition in Paris in March, yesterday morning was clear and sunny and I couldn't help but miss the quiet here at home.

The sun coming in was so pretty and strong, it reminded me that when I was a kid, my father would sit in the kitchen on cold winter weekends, reading the New York Times, enjoying the hard light that came in or just close his eyes and relax in the sun. He'd call it "Florida". Today's morning is a little more grey and I have to go again now.

(Big thank yous to beautiful mentions here by Marie Viljoen and there and there.)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Today is Winter Wonderland Day

a few from what we can expect at the
Williamsburg Winter Wonderland this weekend

I love you all sooo much. I love when people ask "how do you do this all?" because it makes me
a. feel like wonder woman b. feel like the wizard of oz and c. think "do what all? this is my job. I get to meet everyone who actually wants a bonbon and the feedback is amazing!" d. they're right. I am crazy.

The holiday events proliferate every year. There's not one event I don't wish we were part of so we do them all but I do with them with the help of the amazing Vanessa (her new stage name) who has tirelessly been making and working and filling all our orders and will be at Brooklyn Flea's Gifted for us all weekend. And also to Breck and Denise who are so sweet to be womanning the beautiful Pop-Up, The Waterfront Mercantile Winter Market over on Columbia Street. And today I am typing little signs to tell the story of my new collection which I will take over to the Winter Wonderland in Williamsburg at the Big Sky Works Studio (it's a trapeze studio!) I suppose that's why I'm up at 5:19 a.m. Excited.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Waterfront Mercantile, Brooklyn

We are so happy to have been invited by Denise Fasanello and her husband Adam Frank as they hosted me and a small number of talented local designers to be part of their pop-up shop, The Waterfront Mercantile in their gorgeous Cobble Hill Studio. It goes tomorrow & Saturday 12-7 and it so absolutely lovely. If you can go to see the space, the beautiful flowers and wreaths Denise has made, Lotta's gorgeous textiles, Breck's new stationary gift sets and more. I bought paperwhites from Denise in beautiful little mason jars and the prettiest little bay laurel wreath--now who to give them to? myself!

happy. tired. exhausted. must sleep now. A few pics but then I really must go to bed.

(Just found this list for all the holiday fairs happening in Brooklyn on my new favorite Brooklyn Based. I just happen to be in 3 of them! Whoa...)

The 900th Post and Great Food Bank Raffle News

I'm so happy to announce on my 900th post on Your Destiny is Stone Golden, some new additions to the Incredible Box of Possible Winnings donated by some of my favorite designers and artists from the Brooklyn Flea in support of the Food Bank for New York City. See all the new contributions here and click on any of the donate buttons to try your hand!

It's only $10 to enter here on-line and $5 at the Bonbon Oiseau Booth G57 at Brooklyn Flea's Gifted until December 23rd or this weekend only, Decemeber 18th & 19th at The Williamsburg Winter Wonder Local Designer Market!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hey! We are here and here today!

Rachel and Giovanni's wedding
(and my corsages and boutonierres!)
on Brooklyn Bride today!and I was interviewed for Brooklyn Based.
Read the article about the {humble} beginnings of Bonbon Oiseau here!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Skinny on Saturday's Soirée

'Twas the morning of the soiree and all through the house...
We turned up the fireplace and laid out our wares...wait, does this have to rhyme?

then the first guests arrived to try some whiskey and cider and to see... Tamika's incredible new line of candles and body oils called Tapa...The gorgeous floral work of Denise Fasanello
Sovereign Beck's beautiful ties...
Purocorazon's NY debut with the beautiful paper goods of Sesame Letterpress
warm woolies from Hortensia Handmade

the raffle basket thus far
new bonbons for Spring and other assorted goodies...

and we mixed and had fun all day and into the early evening

And the next morning, Icky examines her goody bag while I get ready for the next chain of events which starts tomorrow.