Sunday, February 21, 2010

A care package: for Deb

Hello sweet bon bon readers!
Melissa here from Melissa loves....I am so happy to be here, visiting you at Deb's. I hope that as we read this, Deb is having a glorious time in Mexico...resting & relaxing in the sun, with the sea air drying on her skin....feeling hopeful & happy. If I could, I would get together a care package for Deb, to be waiting for her upon her return. These are the things I would put in & hope they made Deb feel loved & appreciated!

This card, telling her she was missed & we hope she had fun!

This pillow for a chair in her new studio space..

This photograph, to remind her of her trip & the solace of the sea...

This ring, to remind her she is a star & a shimmering one at that.

This dress, for spring & for whenever she needs to feel fabulous.

These heels, to be worn with said dress....or whenever the heck she wants to! :)

and...last but, not least, these bottles for her mantle or her windowsill to let her know that spring is just around the corner

Deb, thank you so much for having me & I adore you! Have a wonderful week everyone and all the very best!


Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hey kids! Its Rachel Deb's Neighbor and blog nerd from Living Lab.

As you know Deb's south of the border right now busy grinding and roasting chiles and chocolate and hopefully sipping plenty of suero como cola de penguino.

That being said, maybe it would make more sense to do a post on something other than Mexico? Unfortunately however, I love it a liiiittle too much not to take this opportunity to gush about sensory-overload-land. How about a few nuggets from the ridiculousness of dear-to-my-heart Baja? What choice to I have really? Its February after all.

1. Marine Mammals (must listen to this)

3. Fish Tacos
(If a gun were put to my head and someone demanded that I only eat one dish for the rest of my life)

4. Swimming
(deep sigh)

5. The Log From the Sea of Cortez

"The sweet smell of the land blew out to us on a warm wind, a smell of sand, verbena and grass and mangrove. It is so quickly forgotten, this land smell. We know it so well on shore that the nose forgets it, but after a few days at sea the odor memory pattern is lost so that the first land smell strikes a powerful emotional nostalgia, very sharp and strangely dear." John Steinbeck

¡goce de México DEB-BEE! We miss you!

Images : 1. Steve Ryan 2. Mountain Travel Sobek 3. Relate Revolution 4. Unknown 5. Penguin

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Fischer S/S 2010

Fischer Fall 2010

Well hello my sweet peas, it's Kaelea Ann, author *cough* slacker *cough* of The Royal Me! It is always my pleasure to take over for Miss Bonbon while she is away on a much deserved relaxation of her mind! It is Fashion Week here in NYC, so I thought I would introduce you to a friend and a sometimes workmate of mine: Kristina Angelozzi & Fischer. I had the pleasure of an invitation to her 2nd preview of Fischer this past Sunday. Kristina's outfits were always ones to watch at work (if she only wore pants (a partialist to skirts!) I would call her style a cross between Annie Hall and Francoise Hardy) so I was very excited to see her blood, sweat and tears. With a background focusing on menswear design, the Fall 2010 line was brimming with feminine yet intricate details and a simple feel of the French 1920's. While she did not do your run-of-the-mill runway, she had all the models in a group setting so if you should so desire to check out her hemlines you were able get out of your seat to take a closer look! I expect to see many more great things from Fischer, so people, keep your eyes peeled!

*Photography courtesy of Fischer, Guest of a Guest and

¡Buen viaje, mamacita!

Dearest blog babies, it's P. here, taking a little break from What Possessed Me to help kick off Deb's trip to Mexico. Very happy to be here, as always.

When Deb told me she was heading to Oaxaca, I threw my sombrero up in the air and exclaimed, "¡AY YAI YAI YAI! ¡ARRIBA!" while knocking back a shot of mezcal. Of course, I did this with my inside voice because not everyone understands what Oaxaca does to a girl. I didn't know either - not until I took a little road trip through Mexico last year and got my socks knocked off good and proper.

Deb, you have such delights in store for you.

Like Mexican beauties who look like Frida Kahlo. Don't you wish you dressed like this every day?

And streets lined with flowers.

Let's not forget the plethora of culinary treats. Crickets are quite tasty when you're not quite sure what you're eating.

Beware: Sometimes the mezcal can go to your head. Which is totally fine, because Oaxaca is the kind of place where you can snooze in someone's doorway with impunity.

And if you're very, very lucky, a woman selling nuts will show you how she does her hair, pulling out a single pin so that her braids tumble down her back.

Did I mention the music? And the lively atmosphere? Such a charming, vibrant city.

Just the place for a much needed midwinter break. Have a wonderful time, Deb - the first cerveza is on us!


Monday, February 15, 2010


beautiful photos from Planeta

We are taking a little break from:
winter, snow, the newness of everything, the oldness of everything, ourselves.

We're going to Oaxaca in Mexico where I hope we can:
see some sun and color, eat on the street, ride horses in the country, hike in the mountains, look at art and crafts, tumble along, find new things, meet new people, find some togetherness, stop the world for a while.

While I'm gone, some extremely talented girls will be here to write you love notes and when I get back, I will try not to neglect my work, this poor blog and all of you wonderful friends who faithfully come to visit. I am hoping sunshine helps this otherworldliness and as soon as I get back I want to show you the new collection for Spring.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


When I turned on my computer I found this on my desktop. I think Jim left it there. I am looking at it as an early Valentine.

For the last 5 years, I've spent the weeks before Valentine's Day helping romantics find the perfect gift to express their love. And yet, I keep thinking though about how much love I've been feeling, (sometimes over-feeling) these days, love for all the little things: the small acts of kindness, shoulders I've leaned on, comments left and letters sent with great care, love received and parceled at just the right times and how thankful I am for any of it. How do I give something back?

So here I am declaring Valentine's Day the official Thanksgiving of Love. Let this Valentine's Day be about all of our friends who are there when you really need them. I am lucky...I have many many and more. I have so many Valentines. I am thinking of something special.