Saturday, May 30, 2009

today is the first day of the rest of my weekend

where I imagine my husband to be

I took today off. I know most people take Saturdays off but I'm really taking it off. My loved one has gone fishin'. He left yesterday in the wee hours of the morning for a lake somewhere in the middle of Canada to spend a week with his father and uncles and cousins and assorted other manly men. They are off for über man-week. Also, he took the camera. I miss them both terribly already.

So I took today off and went with my friends on their weekly ritual early a.m. Saturday shopping trip to the Farmer's Market in Union Square. Thanks to the links below, I can illustrate my trip even without a camera. (I am crying a little)...

poetically blue chicken eggs , too pretty to pass up:image (and a good explanation for why they're blue) from dalesford organic

lovage, red dandelion greens and bumpy blue fingerlings, maybe I'll make a lovage spiked potato salad with a little dijon vinaigrette?
lovage facts

red dandelion greens, an oxymoron

photo from Cook, A Oui Chef Journal ,
a new find for me and new favorite as well
with a good looking potato recipe too

Fancy French Radishes (that I am eating with butter right's MY day off)
you guessed it..from you grow girl

For the table, some wild looking spindly purple pincushion flowers, a nice name for scabiosa (such a mean name)...I planted some of these, come to think of it, in my seeding frenzy, but will they look like this?
image from Knoll Gardens

fluffy sunflower from Chrisser's flickr stream,
mine are like this, but small. How does nature do that?

I also picked up some snarly looking miniature sunflowers, some gargantuan stalks of green garlic (they're snaking around the milk and orange juice section of the fridge right now), some spicy mustard greens, and some crunchy little pea sprouts, and, while swiping some photos to use for this post, some great new blogs, Crooked Row for one and Two Small Farms for ummm, two. So far, good day off. Hope yours is too!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spring Out and Then Home

an al fresco french lunch graduation party with the family

The activities of last weekend: Friday: Emily's high school graduation (she dyed her hair again..I love that kid), Saturday at the Brooklyn Flea, Saturday night: train to my parents for a BBQ (I ate the leftovers), Sunday: a look at some houses in an idyllic little seaside town with idyllic little houses with not such idyllic little price tags and finally Monday: coming a big red strawberry, peas from the market, our first dinner on the patio with my best friend and Icky wearing my slippers.

Shopping Live with Heart Handmade

Tonight I'll be setting my alarm for 7pm. That's when the lovely and talented Marichelle from Heart Handmade will be hosting her Etsy Shop Live again (via webcam!) I think it's going to be a half hour of total fun and goodness... Oh modern wonderful you can be...
Read more about how it works here!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First Class

Next Wednesday I'll be hosting and teaching the first of my classes right here in Bonbon-land, Bonbon's Summer Jewelry Workshop Series. I've really loved my classes at Make Workshops and have met so many wonderful and charming people...It will be a full week... I have three classes to teach there as well! (click here to see what's cookin' at Make!)

But I wanted to do a few right here in the studio to be close to my goods so I can spring out some little surprises and share my surroundings a bit and next Wednesday will be the first one...drumroll please...Bonbon's Jewelry Assemblage Basics...

Here is the class description:
{Bonbon's Jewelry Assemblage Basics Class}
Wednesday Evening, June 3rd
7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m
*Join Bonbon for an evening in the studio!
*You'll learn the basics of playing around (with jewelry assemblage) with yours truly
in our very own studio using some of our fantastic vintage baubles.
*You'll go home with a jangly vintage brass charm bracelet for summer and/or a pair of sterling earrings and a whole lotta jewelry making know-how.
*Plus we'll have some wine and snacks and how can that be bad?
But hurry... Space limited to 8
$65 plus $20 for materials fee
To register or for more information, email me at deb at bonbonoiseau dot com

All of these pictures were taken at the Make Studio from
the Make Memento Assemblage Class
(new one starts this Friday!)

The next class here in our studio will be Wednesday evening June 24th, A Bonbon Corsage Workshop, where we'll make our infamous Antique Flower Corsage Assemblages for hair or lapel. Please join or spread the word!

Any ideas for a workshop you'd like to take or maybe you'd like to host a little girls night out in our studio? Diga me...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Go Justice Go!

Doug Mills/The New York Times

I am really excited about Barack's pick for Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayer. It's not only because hers is an historical nomination, she'll be the first Hispanic woman to sit on the Supreme Court, or because she's a true New Yorker, completely self-made or because she seems like an incredibly good and down-to-earth person, a judge with compassion and empathy and's also because she owns two pairs of Bonbon's true!

(I know...I know...)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday's Inspiration: Karnataka

Big family weekend starting Thursday...I'm just about to go home...Why is it on this very American holiday I can't stop thinking about taking a voyage to South India, particularly here to the state of Karnataka, where I once slept on the roof of someone's house and took a 3 hour busride to the wrong town and ended up fantastically in the middle of nowhere?

See more of fredcan's india pictures here. You won't be sorry.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Melissa (Hopefully) Loves...Her New Nest by Bonbon

I really haven't flown the coop...but please come visit me here today...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

little bits of out there and in here

street studies in pink

The morning after the night before. Walking home from breakfast the other morning, we also saw a very very small bottle of Jaegermeister near a very large mossy tree trunk. Gnomes clearly, but a few steps later, a very LARGE playing card--a three of spades, lying near a black iron fence. Giants? There's a happening when no one's looking.

the way the garden grows

Such as, suddenly overnight, there's a garden blooming, with so much to tell you. Thank you for turning pink new strawberry. I know you could do it! You are on your way to can do it!

A Cabin in the Woods

These look juuuust right...I have been looking at cabins all morning and forgot I need to actually, uh, work.