Monday, July 18, 2011

Home is where the Love is

Week five: apartment search. Five weeks 'til we need to be out.

But at least there are these: LOVE pillow cases from sweet Melissa from Reverie Daydream. I know one person who is home where the love is. Oops. I mean one cat.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

looking looking looking doing doing

little pinkies heading for Japan

"Golden Lining" necklaces went to Brooklyn

I have been: working working with Vanessa on these orders, all the colorful necklaces, custom-made for Mini Mini Market in Williamsburg, the other full of new for Fall pinky rings for Odette é Odile in Tokyo.

Rings and colorful necklaces and then: non-stop searching for apartments to lay our heads and studios in which to work. We need to be out of here by September 1st by decree and every place we've seen pales in comparison. A place to live, I still need a place to work, but I figure at this point, what can I do? Nothing to do but roll with it, knowing the new-ness will be newer and changier, like busting through the ceiling in a super-fueled rocket into another atmosphere, a queasy excitement. Yet why do I keep wanting to put everything in storage and head to my mountain top in India for a while?

Label under: Scary and Bring it.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Scenes from the Fourth

Scenes from a seriously fun BBQ.

the apple dumpling gang

Our gracious host and hostess

Barbeque scene at Carlos and Sheena's on the fireworks side of the Hudson River. Was a super fun American Day (see Sheena's red white and blue shirt?). After fruitlessly looking for new places to live, new studios in which to work, sometimes to lift out of a fruitless funk, you just need to be around friends that feel like family, that love you through thick and thin, that make life a little more funner.

I'm in love with all the little ladybugs dressed in pink, Scarlett and Jasleen and I can't remember the other one's names who told me I could be manager of the "kids club" if I was wearing pink too.

Happy Friday. Brooklyn Flea in Fort Green tomorrow. One of the last for the summer as we pack up to go who knows where.