Wednesday, August 13, 2008

another reason to feel lucky

A farewell party for my great friend, ace photographer and my official Bonbon Oiseau photographer as well...sigh...on Sunday night. She's moving to Berlin for awhile. I'm really happy for her, a little sad to see her go too. We made plans to see each other in October, I hope, in Paris if she can or maybe Berlin, after the show if I can.
(here are some scenes from our last trip to Paris together.)

We ended the evening seeing another wonderful friend sing at Spike Hill in Williamsburg and it was amazing.
Her band is a little over six months old and they're the duo up there in the photos. They're called Lucky Wreck and their songs are just beautiful and honest and are so touching, they sometimes make me a little weepy--here they are...listen! hear! here! (I've been playing these two songs over and over again so they better come out with their first full-length release pronto...this girl needs more.)


Camille said...

Because my husband is military we move often. I say goodbye to friends I've made more than I care to do, but I have a lot of interesting locations to visit! It is always good to visit each other and I hope you make it to Paris in October.

Anonymous said...

A bittersweet moments....but memories to share and perhaps new ones to come.

(i will be in paris in oct)

montague said...

oh, paris in the fall will be lovely, i am sure!

Anonymous said...

Oh, lovely music...thanks for the intro!