Sunday, February 22, 2009

Around the World in One Sunday

all images by Roland Bello

While stuck in graphics-land all weekend (making my style sheets and choosing some images for posters), I keep getting sidetracked by being too excited about my trip to Morocco. I just can't's been awhile since I've been anywhere...ancient, overstimulating, exotic, thrilling I guess.

a few pieces left from last spring's
Around the World in 80 Days Collection
model photos by Alexa Vachon

That said, I should get back to concentrating, but first I found this article via woodley park zoo (one of my new loves) incredibly inspiring and gave me my focus back for some reason. Maybe because I had designed last Spring's collection Around the World in Eighty Days with a woman like this as my protagonist, who collected bits and bobs from her travels around the world and packed them up for when she finally got her memories, her souvenirs became her fashion (and vice versa). I never can get this idea out of my head so how wonderful to see her personified...and the beautiful Roland Bello photos are an added bonus...

thank you w.p.z.


cindy* said...

very cool. there is nothing like a treasure found while traveling...

i hope you are counting down the days before your trip!

WPZ - Sandy said...

ME, a love? Ahhhh swoons back at you... <3

Seriously, I want to travel travel travel! Thank goodness for all you lovely ladies who are doing it already so I can be inspired!

Morocco... sometime during next decade for me, for SURE (that's a reasonable deadline, right??)

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking. I should probably come with you to Morocco, you might need a chaperone.

Mary-Laure said...

Morocco? How exciting! I went there once and just adored it. Enjoy! And don't forget to buy some local argan oil for your skin.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

how wonderful.....I simply love the creative ideas you have for your collections. so lovely and so romantic..
(I am wearing my bon bon and cannot stop looking at it! I love it so.......)

Callie Grayson said...

i love roland bello's work, i flip threw his site of photos weekly just to get a good dose of pretty and amazing.
Have fun on your trip to Morocco! I have always wanted to go there and get lost in the sites and smells of the city. take lots of photos please!

Mrs.French said...

I remember that collection...I still dream of the necklace with the sweet little and mr. bello compliment one another beautifully...I now need to read the article you mentioned...xo t