Friday, October 23, 2009

A Week in Twelve Parts

incroyable milliner's objets d'art from paris. more on these soon.

my new dog-niece

my fig tree that always cheers me up even if it only has one lonely fig

the animation that left perhaps too strong an impression on my already
warped perspective. the documentary helps put certain "pieces" together.

a new shop for bonbons and a special design for them.

we got some new chairs so wanna come over?

the blurry week
Guess who's teaching a two-part
necklace making workshop Monday?
There's still space!

This has been a blurry week, a sick week, a week of couches, limited computing, and gingerale, long waits in doctors offices and inconclusive diagnoses. To that I say, poo-poo. But in and out of the blurry fog, I have seen things happen. And I'm feeling better already.

How was your week?


bigBANG studio said...

Lucy is darling, the fig is beautiful (perhaps future inspiration for a line of Garden of Eden baubles? I'm seeing fig leaves, serpents, and cast pomegranate seeds) and I eagerly await the creations with which you'll use the Paris fleurs!

But, MOST OF ALL, I GOT MY BONBON NECKLACE AND IT'S EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL AND DAINTY AND MARVELOUS IN PERSON! The vintage sequins, oh my! I'm gushing. I posted about it. I love it! MERCI, my darling friend! I will wear it ALL the time!
feel better,
your desert ya-ya

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Color Me Green said...

oh my that dog is cute. the floppy ears always do me in. should she be on that nice couch? it might not look so nice with her in the house after a few months ;-)

Cindy said...

you're a pretty busy sick person. hope you feel better very soon. i love that anniversary key fob. so great. and your chairs are wonderful. our imaginary dog is named lucy. we need to turn her into reality, already. this week i made a floral corsage and it hasn't fallen a part, yet ;). enjoy your weekend.

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

Lucy is to-die-for cute!

At least you have a fig tree...jealous is blooming right here!

Bon weekend to you!

cindy* said...

oh lucy! and that sweet lone fig! so cute!

i love your big-girl chairs, very nice...and...are those frenchy blue feathers i see?!

Clementine said...

I just GASPED at those photos of your dog-niece. A full-on doggy-photo-shoot is in order. STAT. I'll sit here hitting refresh until I see more pix of that lovely Lucy...... ;)

Molly said...

aw, Lucy is a doll! congrats on the new addition!

molly said...

sorry to hear about the doc visits and the sickness...all shitty stuff, but sometimes some good comes out of it too!