Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hey kids! Its Rachel Deb's Neighbor and blog nerd from Living Lab.

As you know Deb's south of the border right now busy grinding and roasting chiles and chocolate and hopefully sipping plenty of suero como cola de penguino.

That being said, maybe it would make more sense to do a post on something other than Mexico? Unfortunately however, I love it a liiiittle too much not to take this opportunity to gush about sensory-overload-land. How about a few nuggets from the ridiculousness of dear-to-my-heart Baja? What choice to I have really? Its February after all.

1. Marine Mammals (must listen to this)

3. Fish Tacos
(If a gun were put to my head and someone demanded that I only eat one dish for the rest of my life)

4. Swimming
(deep sigh)

5. The Log From the Sea of Cortez

"The sweet smell of the land blew out to us on a warm wind, a smell of sand, verbena and grass and mangrove. It is so quickly forgotten, this land smell. We know it so well on shore that the nose forgets it, but after a few days at sea the odor memory pattern is lost so that the first land smell strikes a powerful emotional nostalgia, very sharp and strangely dear." John Steinbeck

¡goce de México DEB-BEE! We miss you!

Images : 1. Steve Ryan 2. Mountain Travel Sobek 3. Relate Revolution 4. Unknown 5. Penguin


David L. Bayard said...

Sincere thanks.

plaisirs simples said...

oooo LOVE this post. LOVE baja. i want a little spring break!!!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

girl trip to cabo!!!! thanks rachie--i love this!!!