Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Inside and Out

The Springety week has been filled with watercoloring (with maxine's help)

setting up spring tableaux in an effort to procrastinate.
wait. does procrastination take effort?

working which is easier when you have someone to stop you from running outside such as
a. Vanessa and our newest intern Maxine to work across from you
and b. sweet projects for sweetie-pie brides

and these crazy things that have been happening outside
and in the cracks of the sidewalk.

I was inspired to come back to life by my favorite Marie, Beence and Estorbo at the 66 Square Feet headquarters where she cooked for us the most gorgeous chickens and glasses of prosecco fell from the sky like rhubarb fool and stories of their recent trip home to South Africa never sounded so good. Pictures of the best dinner ever here. I love real life sometimes.


Vana said...

so lovely, deb! I always enjoy taking a peek at your studio.


Pam I Am said...

your cat is adorable, just thought id let you know :)

cindy* said...

gorgeous blooms...all of them ;)

Vana said...

you're the sweetest! Just got some snail mail from you:) xoxo

Cindy said...

your studio looks so bright and cheery and i love those blooms, especially the last one.

Maria | Vintage Simple said...

I love real life, too. Especially in spring. And I always love getting little glimpses into your spaces - so inspiring. Beautiful.


hmstrjam said...

that cat right in the middle of it all of course! Love the spring blooms and artwork!

Galit said...

Such an inspiring workspace. Look so happy and fun!

molly said...

yes, sometimes, real life can blow your mind in a beautiful way.