Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Little Handmade Lunch (Some Days it's The Little Things)

I don't like to make closed sandwiches (unless there's bacon involved)--I guess I like to see the little painting that happens before I take a bite out of the thing.
This one was made from left-overs from a little dinner party. Toasted spelt bread spread with butter and a chimichurri, so to speak, of cilantro, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, topped with boquerones and some parsley.
On the side, warmed-up cranberry bean salad mixed with olive oil, vinegar, spring onions, sage and lots of parsley- a recipe given to me by my friend and beautiful jewelry designer Virginia Galvan (my beans came out a little too toothsome--I'm really no good at beans) topped with a dollop of hot pink beet tsaziki, garlicky and sweet, brought to dinner by sweet Marie. You'll have to ask her for the recipe. It was delicious beyond belief.

bear on one side, little log cabin on the other,
cup by SKT Ceramics (see below)

Served up in my bowls and plates from Asya, which I love love love. Dessert plates are now toast and lunch plates and I could not be more psyched because really-some days it's the little things. Tea for dessert in my new cup from my sweet neighbor at the Brooklyn Flea these last few Saturdays, Suzanne of SKT Ceramics. I want to drink from no other cup.
Some lunches just need a shout out.


cindy* said...

i love, love that mug...

i'm terrible about making lunch at home, this is some much needed motivation!

Vana said...

yummy lunch...spread, anchovies and parsley. and a salad on the side. Just lovely!

virginia said...

i love that food is represented on your blog. that bean salad dressing is addictive, right? i'm going to toss it with some chickpeas tonight.. yummy yummy and I really lurv the mug.. will have to check those out.


evencleveland said...

That mug is fantastic ... and that sandwich looks dang tasty.

Asya said...

thank you thank you thank you! :)

Denise Fasanello said...

um, YUM. I want some and that plate is perfect