Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And Home Again

taken with jim's iphone

Back to Brooklyn, filled with travel tales and camera packed with photos. We have a new car, our cats have been glued to us (one is above my head, one under this computer as I write), thinking about life on a farm and we have sustained our love for Blue Hill, ME in ways I am surprised at myself. More on that and photos soon but now I am filling orders that are backed up, getting ready for all kinds of September events and throwing a bridal shower here on Saturday. Doh! And it's raining a very new England rain out there these last few days which is a good reminder that New York is kind of New England.


Color Me Green said...

welcome back! would love to see photos of your magical journey. this rain is preparing us for fall nicely.

Marie said...

Welcome home.

A car!!! You know you're going to leave now, don't you....

Maria | Vintage Simple said...

Welcome home, dear. And yes - I want to know more (more MORE) about the farm.