Thursday, March 31, 2011

Color Explosion at the Brooklyn Flea, 2011

Getting ready for our third(!) opening weekend at the Brooklyn Flea this Saturday, April 2nd in Fort Greene and Sunday, April 3rd, and the new Williamsburg location closer to home, with peeks at our new collections for Spring and Summer. Say it with me: COLOR!

Celebrating getting back outside and I couldn't stop myself from designing some new one-of-a-kind necklaces in the midst of getting ready, with some rare old Czech beads I brought back from London, and antique coins & trinkets taken from old Afghani textiles. I wanted to do some long brightly colored pieces and I think these are a good mix of 40's costume fun with a serious tribal edge, hoping they'll make you feel like a proud exotic flower blossoming against all odds on a faraway mountain ledge, the beautiful first moments of Spring release.

Will do more since I brought home oodles of gorgeous colors, yet to be unpacked, and of course will put them on the website soon, I promise, but feel free to email me if you see something you like.

As a tribute to the origins of the materials, we'll be giving $15 from each purchase of these pieces the Central Asia Institute, Greg Mortensen's organization to support community-based education, especially for girls in remote villages in Northern Afghanistan and Pakistan.


Cindy said...

i love all of your color and looking forward to brooklyn flea in williamsburg this weekend. will seek you out!

cindy* said...

color! you know i love it! i esp love the yellow necklace in the center...the colors are so yummy!