Saturday, April 23, 2011

Koobie Doobie

When it's pouring chats and chiens outside and you decide not to brave the Brooklyn Flea, watch Namasté America. You never know what amazing surprises you will find, usually with a wet sari scene for added value, and then read one blogger's incredible accounts of her life in India, both woman and place, near and dear to my heart. I can't wait til she moves back to New York.

(Non-germy or flu ridden, bubble gum pink and geranium)
kisses to Lily who painted this.

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bigBANG studio said...

Aap meri didi hai. Literally. I love you to bits & pieces, magical bundles, etc.

(and ps- long story and I owe you an email, but Dinkarji wasn't around when we were in Landour for three days (SO SAD!), but we just did an owl change-of-hands with our dear friend who is heading up there in a month for the hot season. He will document with pictures, have no fear. PHEW! Still so touched by the whole gesture- you're amazing, lady.)