Friday, July 8, 2011

Scenes from the Fourth

Scenes from a seriously fun BBQ.

the apple dumpling gang

Our gracious host and hostess

Barbeque scene at Carlos and Sheena's on the fireworks side of the Hudson River. Was a super fun American Day (see Sheena's red white and blue shirt?). After fruitlessly looking for new places to live, new studios in which to work, sometimes to lift out of a fruitless funk, you just need to be around friends that feel like family, that love you through thick and thin, that make life a little more funner.

I'm in love with all the little ladybugs dressed in pink, Scarlett and Jasleen and I can't remember the other one's names who told me I could be manager of the "kids club" if I was wearing pink too.

Happy Friday. Brooklyn Flea in Fort Green tomorrow. One of the last for the summer as we pack up to go who knows where.

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limonana said...

Nothing better than a really good Barbecue on the 4th of July! :o)