Tuesday, December 6, 2011

la Cuisine, or the Place We Cook

A few from the kitchen, the room we disliked the most when we saw the place, with the exposed corner sink, ugly open wood shelves, crazy DIY slate tile counter tops and little storage besides. 

Two months in: A fresh coat of paint, the leftover expedit, the thick shelves from the old place with (the same) metal brackets (that have traveled with us through two San Francisco and three NYC apartments), a shitload of sun-loving plants, some exposed brick--I'm thinking a little pot rack would be good--and two windows one onto the world, one onto a brick wall covered with ivy, we're flying pretty high in the cook's department for the moment.


cindy said...

white paint can be magic! and, I love that brick.

Cindy said...

i think it looks great and two windows + exposed brick wall - huzzah!