Monday, January 23, 2012

January here and up there

January and some indoor bloomage.
Hello Passion Flower! Who knew you would do so well indoors?
The paperwhites have since shot up--before and afters would be so much more exciting. Or as exciting as indoor plants get. This is the extent of excitement lately. And I say, "fine with me." And now a word from Lake Placid, New York:

Lake Placid, NY is where we ended up in lieu of a border crossing to Canada for a little country respite in a snowy winter wonderland after New Years. And people it was colllllllllllld.

But we loved it. After a few days of 0ºF, 20ºF seemed pretty warm. 

 There were dog sleds on frozen Mirror Lake. And we took frozen walks followed by fireplaces, hot chawklits/toddys.

And guess which New York chick traded in her fashion booties for some cross country skis? This chick!! Me! And Jim loved it too! And guess what I learned? A very friendly Olympic town that took us by surprise in the mountains, a beautiful little inn with a fireplace, and teaching ourselves to cross-country ski was by far, one of the finest and very romantic ways to bring in the New Year. Who knew?


Unknown said...

how fantastic! It looks like you two had an incredible time. I can almost hear the quiet from these photos. quiet and lots of laughter from you two. does that make sense? I love your smile.

I hope I get to see you this week. x

onesilentwinter said...

looks wonderful!! i want snow!!!

John said...

Glad you two had such a good time. Jim looks cold but thawing in the big chair photo, toasty in the fireplace photo.

What Possessed Me said...

This is so ridiculously predictable, but HOLY SHIT, LOOK AT THAT PASSION FLOWER!

You also look pretty HAWT in your uniqlo shiz.

M.M.E. said...

What gorgeous flowers! I'm more than a little jealous. I moved from a snowy place last summer and I'm already missing it! I'm so glad you enjoyed cross country skiing. Sometimes it's the best way to get around.

Cindy said...

aw, sounds like a grand adventure! I love that you have such a green thumb, those passion fleurs are rad to the max!

Asya said...

Hi Lovely Lady! It was so amazing to see you this week, thank you so much for stopping by my booth. I love this post of gorgeous flowers, snow and you on skis! Can't wait to see you soon, A.

Jennifer Shingelo said...

Ahh...that is where I grew up! So glad you had such a lovely trip up there...magical, no?