Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fall in January, Spring in July and a press release

The fashion industry is never in the present. Most big manufacturers are already sending Fall 2009 into production and I'm always a little late when I start my collections for the following Fall/Winter in January and Spring/Summer in June or July the summer before. The good thing is I can get the feeling for what feels right for the season if I'm designing in that season. The bad thing is, well, I can never quite live in the present. I'm always a little late when, just after I put up the next season on my website (pretty girls in heavy coats in the heat of summer!), I am in the throws of designing for the season after.

lueur d'automne necklace

vendange necklace

From the Fall/Winter 2008 Collection, Les Bois & Les Pres
(Woods and Fields) available now on bonbonoiseau.com

And each season we write a press release, explaining the theme of the newest collection:

Les Bois et Les Pres/Woods and Fields: Fall Winter Collections 2008
Nature Studies for Fall/Winter 2008: Evoking the simple beauty of the first leaves quietly falling or a meditation by a snowy field on a late winter's afternoon, this collection is inspired by Walt Whitman's book of poems, Leaves of Grass, these delicate and striking vignettes celebrate the relationship between woman and nature and conjure the untouched American landscapes of the past: pheasants run along the edge of a wood, snowgeese take flight above a glistening bay, wolves and bison wander an endless prairie.

The beautiful glass in this collection was found in our travels in America and France and feature rare 1920's mold-pressed, reverse-painted and foil-inlay glass, Victorian-era French crystal jet beads, rich old American enamels along with vintage brass charms dipped in 24K gold, lustrous freshwater pearls and ethically-mined tourmeline in shades of root beer to bay-green on hand-wrought reclaimed silver and gold.

This collection is meant to express our reverence for the quietude of nature, and respect for the safe-keeping of it's creatures. A proceed from all July and August 2008 sales of this collection will go to the World Wildlife Fund.

Available now on www.bonbonoiseau.com and select stores around the world.


AC said...

i am really loving the vendage necklace! it's got everything i love about bonbon oiseau.

Anonymous said...

....and all of that makes it perfect! lovely and very special!

Project Ecoart said...

Really beautiful!

ana dane said...

it reminds me of working as a food editor, when you'd be editing recipes for christmas cookies all throughout july, or trying to find decent looking raspberries in january.

walking into the test kitchen from the steamy summer heat and getting hit with the smell of roast turkey and gravy was so incongruous. it didn't stop me from helping get rid of all the sweets, though.

molly said...

i've never gotten the hang of creating something for another season. my card buyers wants xmas cards and i'm feeling like i'm just now looking forward to august!

Unknown said...

everything is so beautiful....from the model to the jewelry (of course) to the photos. perfect. and even more perfect? it was inspired by one of my favorite poems. going to go check out the website now!~

heidi said...

You keep surpassing yourself is gorgeousness & elegance. Congrats on the new collection!

Mrs.French said...

Oh my! You have really outdone yourself...your new line is exquisite! I would love to have all of your pieces, but that pheasant necklace is meant to be mine...

Camille said...

Oh, beautiful. I like the lueur d'automne necklace very much.

My dad worked in the garment distract for 45 years...I remember samples of winter clothing in July!