Friday, March 27, 2009

Thanks J.W!

If you're in UO and see the Bonbons
please send a pic to deb at bonbonoiseau dot com!

Jade the Jewelry Whore is such a cutie ...she just bought an Urban Bonbon! Check out what she has to say here!

Hey, if you see our Oiselette Collection (our designs, produced by Urban Outfitters) at a UO near you, please snap a photo! I can't be everywhere! I want to see how they look in the "wild"...if you do I'll be sure to send you a bonbontastic surprise! oxo!


Maggie May said...

it looks beautiful on her

Jade said...

Thanks so much!!! And I wish wish wish I could come to one of your classes - they look like they are going to be so much fun!

jennifer said...

I saw your pieces there the other day, they are definite standouts, Deb! Congrats!

blue moss said...

i havent seen them in the store (sadly don't have one in my city)...but i love all your things at uo, so pretty!

gallery said...

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